Reply To: RF & Composite support


I think it would be more economical to develop a discrete RGB/YPbPr decoder device that can take S-Video, composite, and RF; rather than integrate this functionality into the OSSC.

Whether or not decoding functionality is integrated into the OSSC, the chips required are scarce, if available at all, and such a device will likely require yet another FPGA to perform the decoding.

Currently, it seems the best options for S-Video and Composite are 1) finding a pro decoder to get RGB and/or YPbPr, or 2) dealing with the lag and lack of quality of the cheap scalers you see on Amazon; and the best options for RF are a) finding an old VCR with S-Video or component out, or b) finding a standalone analog TV demodulator–both of which you’d probably need to run into the decoder/scaler you use for composite and S-Video.