Reply To: Dreamcast Toro+SCART question


oh… I think I missed the part where he said he’s using SCART directly out of the Dreamcast. I thought he’s using something like Toro->SCART or maybe one of those advanced SCARTs by thefoo.83

Admittedly, I wasn’t able to find Adam’s description of what specific configuration or equipment he used for that test, but, if he’s advertising it as RGB SCART, it should be a safe assumption he’s using a straight SCART cable. (I don’t think Adam Koralik, of all people, would misrepresent the Dreamcast.)

That said, the Toro is capable of acting like a straight SCART cable by configuring the video mode switch for RGB (15kHz) and the output sync switch for RGBS, and I assume thefoo.83’s cables should also be capable of the same output by configuring its switch for RGB (15kHz).

But the one from RetroGamingCables should be just fine, right? I noticed Beharbros recommend using their ‘Sony Premium SCART’ and they claim it to be ‘the best cable for your setup’ for some reason ?

If you’re talking about the RetroGamingCables Dreamcast cable, it has not yet been made available for sale, and it’s not clear from the current product page whether or not it will include a mode switch.

If you’re talking about the male-to-male Pack-a-punch cables versus the Sony cables sold by BeharBros, I think the Pack-a-punch are going to be better-shielded, but, if you’re in the US, these Kabeldirect cables will be cheaper, faster to acquire, and they’re shielded decently enough for most people.