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I am truly grateful for this paulb_nl, thank you very much.
As I thought, no clipping from a stock 1Chip with one click lower from 1.3 to 1.2, and the whites are slightly below 255 now but that can be fixed with the Fine Gain controls.
I would suggest naming it “Pre ADC Gain” which explains it better and combines ‘Analog gain’ and ‘ADC Level’.

If you will, please make it a ‘pull request’ on OSSC GitHub as I feel it is a VERY important feature, and I don’t understand how marqs overlooked it for such long time.

Small rant ahead;
I don’t understand why MLiG pushing hardware modification if the Framemeister and now the OSSC can do that without modification.
Maybe they are not aware that the Framemeister could do that, or maybe they just use FBX presets without digging deeper into it?
If the knew about it, why didn’t they at least mentioned the possibility of lowering gain before ADC in the Framemeister?
Personally I do not suggest modding a vintage console, and definitely use Pre ADC Gain.
/end rant

I want to add and say;
On a digital display it is important that the whole analog signal of 714mV is correctly mapped to 0-255 digital, not less or more.
The reason is the 2.2/2.4 Gamma curve on digital displays is fixed and the image looks correct only when peak white is at 255 or very close to it.
If the peak white is lower than 255 the effective gamma of the image lowers and the image looses depth and perceivable contrast.
If the high shades are clipped, the middle shades are pushed and colors begin to look washed out (less saturated), and obviously the higher shades are one solid color.