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Hmm I tried turning off as many of the options under pictures as I could within the TV’s settings and even flipped game mode on/off but seems to have no effect on the sharpness. Is this something where it may be impossible to get the TV to not process the picture? Because that would really suck considering I found a TV that takes every line mode for the SNES. Most of the options available to me are things like brightness, contrast, gamma, sharpness and they are usually set between 50-100. Should I try turning them all to zero? I’ve already turned off everything else such as black level mode and some other odd settings that I could find.

As far as the screen, no it oddly leaves two huge bars on the sides of the picture. I believe it may be the TV being odd with scaling as well, because it’s in 16:9 mode. If I try switching to “wide fit” on the TV it super stretches the image to get it to fill, but it would require me to zoom way out using the OSSC and reduce the quality even more. Other than that wide fit option none of the other screen settings seem to get it to fill the screen. Man this is going to be super disappointing if the TV accepts the line modes but still won’t work.