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So slight update, I’ve tweaked every setting I possibly can on both my TV and OSSC to no avail, still can’t fill the screen and still can’t get the pixels to not look so blocky. I suppose I’ll leave that for now, until someone happens to know if I’m simply out of luck on making my TV not process. Game mode seems to help the slightest amount but not much. I can try another TV tomorrow to see if the same issues persist.

But, I also was able to plug the OSSC directly into my PC monitor rather than my TV with the same set up as before and still got an image that seemed slightly off, mostly with the screen fill. So perhaps it is still partially the OSSC? The monitor definitely cleaned up the majority of the issues that were on the TV but I’ve been looking at pixels all day and can’t tell if it’s how it should look or not lol, I’ll link images below. Even on the PC monitor the same exact black bars were on the sides and I couldn’t find any way to get the OSSC to allow it to fill the whole screen in 5x mode, or actually any mode. It seems like 2x auto fills the screen, but the other line modes have varying amounts of the screen consisting of black bars on the left & right. Any help would be great, I’ve been looking forward to this OSSC for awhile now and I’m a little disappointed that my basic SVideo -> HDMI upscaler on the same TV treats the pixels and screensize better for the time being. My only other thought is maybe the SCART cable? But it’s a high quality cable and was bought from Retro Access who has excellent reviews and ratings, so I assumed that’s not the problem. Thanks for any insight or help!

OSSC 5x PC (
OSSC 5x PC Close up (