Reply To: Sega Genesis vertical lines


Wow, thank you so much for this post. I feel so dumb now, all the years and I didn’t really recognice that my brightness was way too high. It was on 50 (default) and I never really cared of this setting. I always thought 50 was neutral, but like you said it’s 45. Now I have really black bars on the side and not greyish ones and EVERYTHING looks better.

Now I also understand the black Level setting. I changed it back to normal (I just have normal and low). I looked at the test pattern and saw what this setting does, it really destroys the blacktones.

So, I have just another dumb question, since my Genesis seems to be really bright and I need to turn the brightness down to 40, which is too dark on all other consoles. Isn’t it better to adjust R/Pr / G/Y / B/Pb offset and keep the TV at 45? If I set them all to 122 all black Jailbars are gone and I can keep the TV at 45. Or do I loose information if I do this?