Reply To: TV compatibility report thread


I tweaked the settings in 3x to output perfect 320×240 for the Genesis on a 1366×768 Samsung TV. Even though my Panasonic TV works on 1366×768, it’s having none of it and just sits on a black screen. The picture is amazing though from the Genesis on the 720p TV with these settings. These are the settings and they result in 1360×768 but the TV chooses 1366×768.

Line3x set to 320×240

H. Samplerate 427
H. Synclan 31
H. Backporch 41
H. Active 340
V. Synclan 3
V. Backporch 2
V. Active 256

The picture is down a bit low but I dont mind that as long as the whole picture is there and scaled properly.

If anyone has any Idea why the Panasonic picks up 1366×768 on generic 4:3 but not on 320×240 with those settings, please let me know.

Edit: I’m sorry if this should’ve actually been in the tweaks thread instead.