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What’s obvious to an experienced user like yourself is not necessarily obvious to someone new to the field…
Instead of reflexively disagreeing with my suggestion, try and put yourself in their shoes, or just imagine you’re downloading firmware for a new device?

I’m not disagreeing with your suggestion, merely questioning the need for such a change. Is it better to adapt to the failings of a few people (how many users are actually having this problem versus the total userbase?), or would it be better to help educate new users, perhaps with a FAQ thread detailing common issues like this? Somewhere in the middle, perhaps?

As for how I handle firmware for a new device, if I’m not familiar with the hardware, I’m going to look at the manual. I generally have a hard time wrapping my head around how some people don’t either just skim the manual for the relevant info they need, or just ask in the forums; it’s all out in the open and publicly-accessible (aside from the OSSC firmware repo being a little difficult to find); it’s not like trying to get a manual from Oracle, where you’d need an account and an active, paid support contract.

If lack of access to or knowledge of the manual is or is part of the issue, then that’s something that can and should be addressed.

On the other hand, I had no idea a new generation of OSSCs was about to be released? Last I read, Markus was working on refactoring the OSSC’s firmware.

Sorry; I believe I was mistaken about the degree of changes marqs is intending to make. I’ve been corrected over on shmups that the next step is a “soft CPU” change, not hardware; so same hardware, but ultimately leaner firmware.