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I have attached two images from my projector info. First one is in 2x mode

Second pic is of Passthrough mode, not 15khz. If it was true passthrough wouldn’t it be 15khz or is the projector picking up the signal but processing it as 60khz?

No jitter in this mode but looks quite blurry as the ossc isn’t doing its magic. As soon as I get 2x to 5x it’s there and less prevalent in 5x mode. But still noticeable?

I’ve tried adjusting the tracking and sync menus on my projector and they don’t touch the jitter?

Is it possible the hdmi to vga adapter is causing this? I have tried two different brands and both display the jitter in 2–5 X modes?

Thanks for trying to help, do you suggest anything else I could try??

Picture 1

Yeah Picture 2