Reply To: Line3x = 1440×1440 pixels?


Good link. I may have seen that page before, but it is a good refresher. It really would be nice if Elgato would compile all of the information for the camlink in a single location…and make sure their screenshots, etc. are current. :eyeroll:

So, I think the bit about letting the camlink run for 10 seconds to put it in bulk mode is only applicable if the mode is set to Auto. I believe if it is manually set to one mode or the other, it is effectively forced to that mode. I could be wrong.

Well, OBS has many benefits. If its strictly camlink capture that you’re after, there is no benefit going to OBS instead of GCHD. I use OBS because I’m comfortable with how to customize it – adding a webcam, images, etc, in the captured field along with the capture device output. But GCHD, I see, also has some of these customizations. I haven’t played around with GCHD enough to know how robust it is or isn’t. BUT, one thing I couldn’t find a way to adjust in GCHD that OBS offers is extensive encoding options – bitrates, file types to record to, hardware and software encoding configuration.