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Thank you so much for the response.

I do have a USB blaster, I am worried that if I reflash the firmware I will lose my current settings with no way to dial in new ones. This OSSC is currently used nearly daily in a streaming setup and I would not want it to be stuck at a generic 2x mode.
— Is the state of all the settings stored in the eeprom? If I dump it first before reflashing, can I reflash a dump to get it back exactly in the same state it is in now? Can I dump the current state of the eeprom with the usb blaster or should I use an external dumper?

I don’t have a device that can measure the Y1 frequency, but everything else on the device is working fine, the 4x scale mode that it was stuck on when the IR stopped working, hdmi audio (with the addon board), etc.

I did get the FPGA from aliexpress, so maybe it actually could be a bum chip?