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Before going further, you should check whether de-jitter functionality is operating correctly. Setting H-PLL pre and post values to 3 should still keep OSSC reliably synced unlike with vanilla console. You can also try repeatedly pressing INFO button of remote, after which the number on bottom right corner (more accurate calculation of refresh period than the Hz on main screen) of character LCD should vary no more than 1 tick between samples.

3) I am also curious if there is a good reason to connect the dejitter mod board csync_i to S-GRB pin 7 as oppopsed to S-RGB pin 18? I previously had csync connected to pin 18. I tried both, and ended up leaving it at pin 18. When connected to pin 7, the camlink was having trouble identifying the resolution: line5x reported as 1920×2050, line4x reported as 720×480, line3x reported as 720×480.

Pin 7 is CSYNC input from CPU which is buffered (causing a slight delay) to output pin 18. Both should work but I’d still recommend pin 7. Any discrepancy in functionality hints at a potential timing issue. In that case you should try earlier version of the SVF which has been verified to work with Mini (most recent one has only been tested with Famicom and SHVC-CPU-01 as far as I’m aware).

Good to know thanks for confirming that. Theres always so much more to be knowledgeable about…
I think I may have found another potential cause. For the mini, there is supposed to be a 330 ohm resistor on the sync line? I’ve got nothing on mine.

It shouldn’t make a difference whether you have the resistor or not.