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So, i realised there was an easy way of determining it was definetly the DVDO that was causing the issue without dismantling my setup. I remembered that the DVDO doesn’t accept resolutions past a certain point so i used line x4 mode on my Playstaion 1 so that the DVDO just passed the signal through to my tv and the scanlines looked fine. However i do prefer the look of line x3 240p upscaled to 1080p by the DVDO so i kept messing around with the settings of the DVDO. Somewhere along the way i lost all signal from the DVDO and could no longer see the DVDO menu on the TV and could not regain picture…oooops! So i thought screw it and reset to factory defaults. Then noticed the scanlines were back to looking sweet as hell! Then i just made a few adjustments and tweaks like making sure the output format was 1080p60 and its looking fine again!

So annoyingly i don’t have a definitive awnser as to why the problem occurred because i never had any alterations to Vshift Hshift or anything like that in the first place. And, i am not sure what exact setting was causing the scanlines to loose their collective crap lol On the bright side it is good for now! Thanks guys!