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El Sabroso

Cool that the cheap SCART / HDMI to HDMI workaround is working for you guys, there is something even better to maximize compatibility to capture through the OSSC

The Xbox One console

I tested the OSSC on the HDMI in from the Xbox One, I have the regular model, and here are all the results

With SNES / N64, x3, x4 and x5 (in 1920×1080) modes work, to make x2 work or any 480p feed into the Xbox One to work, you have to go to Settings app and select TV & OneGuide > OneGuide > under HDMI select Show all HD and SD channels, that way will accept any x2 modes for 240p feeds and 480p content of course

480i works in passthrough, couldn’t get any other mode working when changing it, but if I select another mode when it is not active
bob deinterlaced works
Line2x (bob) does not work
Line3x (laced) still does not work
Line4x (bob) worked

passtrought in the xbox one looks amazing so I think it does not need any other option

TX mode changes how colors work when switching from DVI and HDMI, in DVI Xbox One detects full RGB, in HDMI detects as limited RGB

The only downside so far is the audio, the Xbox One does not seem to capture any audio from the OSSC
there is huge lag with 480i signals and playing throught the xbox one as expected, the lag is not that much in other modes but still there

the picture quality provided to capture is amazing compared to the cheap scaler, if anyone happens to have an Xbox One is a great solution to improve video capture with OSSC