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Good point! What game or games are you seeing this in, FilthyGOblin? If you’re playing interlaced games, you will get interlaced flicker. 480i pass thru might help, if your TV does a better job of deinterlacing than the OSSC. But, it may come at the expense of some processing delay. The OSSC offers various deinterlacing schemes and output resolutions, with its main focus of low latency.

Below is a video of Tekken 3, which is 480i gameplay and you can see it does result in a “flickery” appearance when going through the OSSC. Screenshots don’t capture the flicker well, and I cycled all of the line multiplication modes, including with and without upsampling 2x.

Below that are screenshots from Street Fighter Alpha 2, which is a 240p game, and imho looks fantastic at line5x.

Tekken 3 video:

SFA2 screenshots (click on them to see them full-size):

Not sure these are needed at this point, but in case you want them for comparison, here is what I have my OSSC set to for line5x, for these screenshots:
Output Opt.>
line2x mode, line3x mode, etc. – Generic 4:3

Sampling Opt.>
<Adv Timing>
H. samplerate 2046
H. synclen 150
H. backporch 234
H. active 1536
V. synclen 4
V. backporch 1
V. active 264