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Is there any way to force the OSSC to output at a full anamorphic 16:9 ratio? If not, could such a feature be added?

As far as I know, the OSSC does not currently have the capability to reshape a 4:3 anamorphic widescreen image to 16:9; and I’m no marqs, but, while it’s likely possible to implement something for this, I can’t imagine it would look good, because the resulting image won’t have square pixels nor an even multiple of square pixels. (I think the horizontal resolution needs to be multiplied by 1.2.)

The OSSC was designed as a low-lag line doubler, not a full-frame scaler like the Framemeister, which can probably handle this task with minimal configuration, but is known for subpar handling of 480p. You’d need at least a full-frame scaler, and, since you already have the OSSC, you could use the OSSC to line-double to 960p, then use the Framemeister or other scaler to stretch it to 16:9 and enlarge to 1080p (with your ~1 frame of lag).