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[EDIT- Lots of testing today made this post useless, reply based on today’s outcome below]

So apparently it’s my tv causing all the flickering in Line2x mode. Using my own console, my own game and all of my own cables on my friend’s tv resulted in a perfect image.
Are there any settings in OSSC (cause there are none in my tv) that could possibly solve this? Or could Line3/4/5x mode (after some tweaking, if I can get it to work at all) be a solution? Or would buying a new tv really be the only option left for a good image?

Thanks for your reply Harrumph! I don’t think I fully understand the matter still however.
On my friend’s tv I noticed the OSSC outputs a 2×288=576p image, resulting in mentioned bars on top and bottom. Is there a way to force OSSC to output a multiplication of 240p instead of 288p? Cause if I remember correctly, after changing the setting, it was still outputting 2x288p according to the info displayed on the tv (I’m not 100% sure though..)
If a 240p multiplication could be forced, those annoying bars would be gone and I’d have the full beauty of the game displayed across my tv vertically, right?

Thanks 🙂