Reply To: Newbie Starting Out – need opinions

Soundwave GI

Thanks, I intend to use the Jr ultimately. It’ll just be nice to be able to compare.

I opened up the Jr I had and I didn’t like the look of the inside as it had seen better days. Luckily I won a minty one on eBay yesterday so I’ll be waiting for that and the mod board. I’ll make sure to bridge that jumper as well once I have those. I saw some pre-modded SNES Jrs and 1-chips w 7374’s on eBay and apparently the seller swaps out some capacities as well. Is this something that I should be keeping an eye on? Is there truly a difference between any of the 1-chips (01-03 and Jr)? I’ve seen someone testing that, but results seem varied.
The OSSC and cable should arrive early next week. Again, Thanks for all the info everyone.