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Das Man

I just started testing the OLED C8 which is the same as the E8 except for the bezel and speakers. These are my first impressions.

All 240p systems I tried (NESRGB, SNES, N64, PCE, PSX, Saturn) work with x3, x4, x5, but the HDMI signal was intermittently dropped in x5 on the SNES and even on x3 on the NESRGB–I suspect the HDMI cable is not good enough, so will retest with a better one in a couple of days.
240p/480i transitions in a game like Chrono Cross result in a one-second HDMI signal interruption, which cuts off the sound if outputting sound through the HDMI out. A workaround is to use the analog stereo output for sound.

The 480i systems I tried (PS2 and Wii hooked through RGB SCART) look best by far with x4 bob IMO. Didn’t try component since I prefer the look of 480i instead of 480p.

I used 100% scanlines since I’m used to my D20 BVM. After various adjustments on the picture mode of the OLED, the results in both 240p and 480i with the above outputs look remarkably close to the BVM (except in a huge size and with perfect geometry). I first tried using Game mode, but found that HDR Effect mode looks better and vibrant, more “CRT-like” to me, with the same lag as Game mode far as I can tell. Unfortunately only Game mode is available for 480i, but adjusting picture settings can make it look close enough to HDR Effect.

Of course all processing/effects in whatever mode used should be turned off (especially TruMotion).
EDIT: Upon further use with this TV I would say that TruMotion settings may be useful (the User setting). OLED is after all sample-and-hold, and coming from a CRT fast motion in games can get unbearably blurry. Using the de-blur (frame interpolation) setting is very effective but can introduce artifacts, which may be less noticeable without scanlines. But the most interesting option is the black frame insertion (called MotionPro in the LG panels). If you can bear a less bright picture and do not notice the flicker (I don’t), then it may be the best option for games with fast motion/scrolling.