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Yes, they’re bulky, but you can find used Extron CrossPoints on eBay for cheap. Not too long ago, I got a CrossPoint Ultra 88 HVA (with a bunch of Extron-branded Phoenix audio connectors) for $35 USD, shipped. Another few dollars for RCA to BNC adapters, and maybe another $30 on shielded RCA leads to make RCA->Phoenix adapters for audio.

At this point, I would say it is that expensive and cumbersome to split SCART, because that format isn’t relevant to consumers anymore; everyone has moved on to HDMI, so SCART devices like splitters, switchers, and other video processors are no longer being produced en masse (or at all, really). These days, it’s easier and cheaper to adapt SCART to BNC (or DE-15/VGA) and use a BNC (or VGA) switcher/distribution amp like the CrossPoint than it is to find a quality SCART splitter/DA.