Reply To: Extron 7SC + OSSC


It works as both a scaler and a switcher. It has 7 inputs witch can accept composite, s-video, component, VGA, and RGB. It can output RGBHV, RGsB, or RGBs through either a vga cable or through 5 BNC connectors. The scaler part works on composite, s-video, and component. Which it does with very little lag an looks real nice through the vga input on my 4k tv.

However, VGA and RGB just get passed through to the output with no changes. My 4k tv only accepts RGBVH through the vga input so with the Retro Access rgb cables going through the 7SC I only get a “not accept” message on the tv. And although my lcd monitor does accept the signal it doesn’t display it properly.