Reply To: General help with a Dreamcast, please?


Thank you so much for all the in-depth information, nmalinoski
After reading your post, I’ve research a bit more to understand some aspects of what you said

I’m gonna re-write my first post just because it helps me have a better thought flow.

= the Dreamcast has “officially” 4 ways to connect to the TV:
* RF: I had no idea this existed until today, I thought the N64 was the last console to have an official release of an RF modulator
* RCA composite: 480i only, luma and chroma carried on a single wire (1)
* s-video: 480i only, carries chroma and luma in two different wires
* SCART: 480i only, capable of carrying RGBs (meaning the sync is carried in a 4th wire) (2) (3)
* DB-15: 480p only, capable of carrying RGBHV, very susceptible of visual noise due to poor cable shielding (meaning the sync is carried through 2 wires) (4) (5)

1 – luma is the “how bright” the image is, chroma are the colors
2 – SCART is capable of carrying up to 1080p if the hardware allows it, but it’s not the case of the Dreamcast
3 – sync is signal that combines vertical and horizontal lines
4 – DB-15 is usually called VGA, which is a bit of a misnomer

= Dreamcast games have 3 resolutions:
* 240p: can be sent through SCART and DB-15
* 480i: can be sent through composite, s-video and SCART
* 480p: can be sent through DB-15

1 – few games can output 240p
2 – most games can output 480p, but not all
3 – it’s possible to trick certain games into run in 480p with a VGA Box that can output both through RGB and DB-15
4 – certain games don’t support RGB output at all, so for all of them a patched image is required
5 – if running games through GDemu, GDmenu has an in-built option to force 480p output

I’m not in a hurry to play on the Dreamcast, I mean, I’ve waited 19 years, what’s another year?
My only concern about the DCHDMI is the complexity of the installation. My soldering skills aren’t as good as needed for a project like the UltraHDMI, and where I live there’s no modders I can trust to install that kind of thing.
I’m assuming the Dreamcast port only output analog signals, so an external FPGA solution like the ones for the GameCube can’t be expected, right?

Also, DCHDMI should have a better image/audio quality as it’s getting data directly from the GPU, and not converting the signal from analog to digital like Akura does.

How complicated is it to run Dreamcast games from another region?
The PlayStation 2 had region lock and even with modchips, swap tricks, or whatever, PAL games would be black and white on a NTSC TV, unless a component cable was used.
I’m assuming the Dreamcast can output both 50Hz and 60Hz without bigger mods, right?
I think I read that the original Xbox had serious troubles with that kind of thing, and even if the European consoles had an PAL60 option, running NTSC games was a bit troublesome. So I’m still concerned about all the things I don’t know.