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It’s not dumb looking for challenges to improve your knowledge and skills. You may fail occasionally… but since nobody is perfect: that’s part of the learning process.

If you’re trying to find where the problem is, you may want to start by checking if none of the power supply lines are shorted to ground – as described in the ‘verification’ part of the ‘assembly tips’:

A couple of months ago i had an OSSC fully assembled and ready to go… but i measured that there was a short to ground somewhere. I checked every pin of every IC multiple times under the microscope… removed every regulator… but i couldn’t find the problem for the life of me. So i transplanted every part to another pcb at the end – and that did the trick. Still had the short to ground on the first pcb after that. The pcb was simply defective. That’s something i hadn’t thought about or expected…

Next: if there’s no short on your OSSC you should check the F1 fuse for continuity. If the fuse is fine, check if the output voltages of U5 and U6 are okay (both = 3.3V). Do the same for U12 (= 1.2V), U13 (= 2.5V) and U14 (= 1.2V) and for U7 and U9 too (both = 1.9V)…