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Good day Guys,

My name is Fred and I am indeed the designer of the Intellivision RGB kit. Someone emailed me and linked me to this. I designed the RGB kit several years ago and used the framemeister and the cheap Chinese HDMI scalers to test it. First I have no idea what the OSSC is, who makes it or what it is exactly used for. Keep in mind I’m not active in the console scene, so if this strikes you odd I apologize. I design and build much more for stand up arcade games so I’m more schooled on what is going on in that circle. If you’re just trying to inject the H signal into the V signal off the top of my head I think and and gate would work. I could certainly change the firmware on the RGB kit to make a signal like you show above, but I have no OSSC device to test it and I am unsure how it would effect the RGB working with the Framemiester and Chinese HDMI scaler.