Reply To: Capture Sizing and Aspect Ratio


Sample rates for those modes are already given by FBX in the thread I linked, also you will see if you scroll up I had already written the dot clocks for Saturn earlier in the thread.

Basically 320 mode is same as Genesis/Playstation in the pin-eight table, and 704 mode is just double time 352 (logical when you look at the numbers).
Afaik you already get everything you need from FBXs numbers, including the Jaguar.

Regarding Gamecube you can check out a thread where I discuss this with Jademalo at shmups forum, we conclude the PAR seems not always to be 10:11:
Maybe at this point it will more confuse than clarify though… 😉

Regarding AES, I believe they did that to ensure compatibility with home CRT TVs (even CRTs have their limits I guess), lifting the refresh rate from ~59.2 to ~59.6 Hz.