Reply To: Trouble with PAL N64


Yeah that’s the thing. While my computer monitor is stupid because it doesn’t sync to the refresh rate properly and only allows fixed ones, I can still use it to test settings as it accepts basically anything you throw at it. I used that and my spare 1080p Samsung TV to figure that one out and it accepted the mode as 1080p. It just came to me that 288(x4)=1152 so by decreasing that to 270(x4)=1080 you would get 1080p. Of course by default it’s going to be 1280×1080 which a TV is very unlikely to accept and that’s why you need the H Active and H Samplerate adjusted to make it into 1920×1080. PAL has always been pretty awful for me on the OSSC and now that I figured that out, it’s actually really good on compatible displays and scales really nicely 🙂

I’m not sure if the whole 270 thing has been done before and it probably has, but I figured that out without trying to search. The only other way I had seen for PAL was 3x with H Active 240, but that way you’re losing 48 lines of vertical detail whereas with the way I said it, you’re getting 4x and only losing 18 lines of detail which likely consist of slight black borders anyway on PAL systems.