Reply To: Need advice for new TV for OSSC


I’m like that with everything in technology where I focus on every little thing. I’ll be also buying a new TV in the coming months and I’m thinking of going with an OLED myself.

I double checked it all on the newer QLED Q8F, the black levels and contrast ratio are pretty good, better than my current VA set. The colours will be amazing too and the TV should handle HDR pretty well.

The key differences are the viewing angles and contrast ratio being superior on OLED as it has true blacks, viewing angles won’t matter if you plan to always view the TV near the centre anyway.

What I meant by black levels is while QLED does have really good black levels and contrast, it still has to be backlit, though it does have local dimming which will help, it still won’t 100% match OLED. Saying that, you’d probably only notice the difference when viewing the 2 sets side by side. It’s also worth noting that QLED can reach a higher peak brightness if that’s something that matters to you also.

OLED on the other hand, the pixels don’t need a backlight and are self lit, meaning that when any part of the screen is black, it’s literally pure black, even in a dark room. There should be no glowing effect around bright objects on a dark background or anything like that.

In short:

OLED: Better contrast, viewing angles and true black levels
QLED: Higher peak brightness and no risk of burn in

I would personally call OLED superior, but it’s your call.