Reply To: Original Xbox component static?


It is indeed a pain in the ass, at least to me. I have a £10 iron and soldered for less than a hour in my life. I managed to pull this off, I was so proud but a pro would have laughed for days seeing how I did it ^-^ (I used some metal pins from Arduino cables to make the soldering easier, don’t tell that to anyone, Hephaïstos would strike me with lightnings if he knew)

I did it thank to those videos :

I think “Techno on top” video was the best one. I wouldn’t recommend to use hot glue like he did though, I used some shrink cable and it allowed me to put the head of the cable back on. The only thing that I screwed up was the metal shielding, no way to put the old one on the cable, the shape was way off because of how I had to remove it in the first place. My advice : cut the tiny part of the metal shielding where it is clipped to the cable (some sort of tiny wrist band for cable). Once cut off, take as much time as you need to slide off the metal shielding rather than opening it like they do in the videos, if you manage to do it, you should be able to put it back on.

Even if you screw up the shielding part like I did, the cable will work just fine. But I regretted not taking more time for this part. If a noob like me can do it, then I guess anyone can. It took me HOURS and I screwed up a cable at one point I had to do it again. The plastic part was starting to melt because of my bad iron, I was about to give up and decided to keep going, make it as nice as I could and I was the first surprised that this thing worked ! (I won’t go into great length as I’m not a specialist and those videos explain it pretty well)

That was a cool experience, but I’m not doing that again anytime soon =) I needed another one and I found a guy on Ebay who was selling some home made cable like this for £25, if you want to contact him :

If you want an official component cable, I’ve seen some for £40 lately. There are two types, the one with a box that you see “everywhere” and this one that is less common but apparently preferable :

I hope it helps