Reply To: Capture card compatibility report thread


Just a heads up for anyone looking to get an Elgato Cam Link for capture: the original was discontinued and a 4k version took its place. It’s still the same price, but apparently it’s quite different under the hood. It only outputs 4:2:0 according to sources I’ve read. OBS still reports YUY2 on my end, but I see artifacts when point resizing vertically, which implies chroma subsampling occurring in that direction. This can be remedied by using bilinear resizing instead, but it can’t hide all the artifacts.

It looks like the chroma subsampling method used on the new Cam Link is not easily reversible in OBS. With the old version, you can simply point resize to a lower resolution to recover perfect pixels since the OSSC does integer multiplication vertically and horizontally (in optim. modes). This method doesn’t work quite as well with the new version: Notice the artifact on the right side of the pink boxes. I get the general impression that the colors aren’t quite aligned the way they should be.

Also, it looks like the matrix and range for the Cam Link 4k is Rec. 601, Partial. The old version was Rec. 709, Full.