Reply To: OSSC General Help w/Pixel Perfection


Honestly, I don’t get it either. I must have spent 8 hours just trying to understand how to make the PS1 look good in 320×240 mode. When I use my 240p test suite, everything is perfect. I start FF7, everything is perfect. I press “start” to go in the menu and everything is messed up ! Each time, I assumed I did it wrong, each time I tried again, I got the same exact results.

It’s not too bad as x5 1920×1200 looks perfect anyway, but I don’t get the 320×240 mode at all.

Also, I’ve read everything I could find on optimal timings, watch every video I could (there are only 2 relevant, the ones FBX made) etc, there is a lack of info out there. Either you get people who are so technical you don’t understand what is their point (I don’t blame them) or you have people who gives you the answer with no further explanations (FBX doesn’t answer comments on his channel for instance, I don’t blame him either). So we’re stuck basically.

I can watch FBX videos and copy his profiles, but if I want to use a console he did not listed or from another region, there’s no way to know how to setup H synclen or V synclen for instance. On my Xbox, V synclen works from 1 to 7, I’ve seen FBX used 6 for a 480p console so I assumed 6 was the good value, the truth is, I have no idea !

It’s hard to explain, but basically, we are trying to find the difference between red and blue on the internet but we don’t know the word “color”… I’m willing to do all the research to understand optimal timings, but at least point us in the right direction. Despite all I’ve read, I don’t know how to know IN ADVANCE what the H samplerate should be… From what I gathered, there is a rule to follow like “divide the length of the lines by the number of pixels and you get the perfect samplerate”(I made that up), where does that come from ?! What do I type on Google to get that info ?!

FBX said “ideally the samplerate should be 857.5” how does he know that ?!!

Sorry if I sound rude, but you can’t tell us to read more if you don’t tell us what to read. I know you’re going to come back with three links and say something like “see ? It was there all along ! It was easy, I don’t know why you were complaining” but understand that we don’t all have a degree in engineering or electronic. If I don’t know the word “color”, I can’t type it in Google. So, please, just send us the link to those resources and we’ll be happy to read. And as a bonus, we won’t have to ask any more stupid questions and we’ll be able to help the next person to ask.

And please, don’t tell me those links explain everything, I’ve read those 100 times these past 2 months. They don’t answer any of the questions listed above. Yeah, they make your OSSC work, but they don’t make you understand it, they don’t make you understand what you would need to improve settings. Again, I don’t blame those links, it’s good that they exist but they aren’t the answer to all questions.