Reply To: OSSC General Help w/Pixel Perfection


I was getting frameskip like that on my old TV with the PAL SEGA consoles (Mega Drive and Saturn) which were modded to NTSC, because they’re 59.3Hz rather than 59.9Hz. I haven’t used my modded Mega Drive much tbh since I bought a Genesis instead which has the mod done to remove jailbars. The difference in the sound pitch between the PAL Mega Drive and NTSC Genesis was driving me insane, but most people don’t even realise there’s a difference. Maybe I’m OCD when it comes to sound. ?

To clarify, I mean how the PAL Mega Drive is about 15-20 cents lower pitched than the NTSC Genesis and it was very noticeable to me as it makes the music sound completely different to my ears.