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I’m now just trying to connect my pal Playstation 1 to OSSC to see if the result can be better than the pound HDMI cable, which configuration would be better, the Lx4 that Steos gave me above?

Your results will depend on your equipment. The Pound cable has a built-in scaler that, as I understand it, will output 720p regardless of the game resolution, and I believe it performs framerate conversion, which will result in a very compatible if potentially jittery signal that few TVs would take issue with.

The OSSC, on the other hand, does not perform any kind of framerate conversion, so your TV is going to have to like whatever framerate your PS2 is outputting. 288p and 576i line2x (resulting in 576p) shouldn’t be a problem, and, if your TV will accept 576i over HDMI (passthrough), that will immediately look better than the Pound cable. You should absolutely try the 576i line4x instructions above, as that will certainly give you a better image, but I don’t think it’d be a dealbreaker if your TV doesn’t like that mode.

* Unfortunately, I’m not able to find much about how the Pound cable behaves with PAL sources; could you please confirm whether you get 50Hz or 60Hz output when using this cable with your PAL PS1?