Reply To: Sync question before purchase


If all three of those consoles have their image shifted left off the screen when connected directly to your display, I’d be inclined to say that there’s an issue with your display or its configuration. Does your TV have any kind of image centering controls, and, if so, have you verified that they’re not set all the way to the left (or equivalent) on the RGB SCART input?

If you don’t have any centering controls for the SCART input, even in the service menu, and your display’s HDMI inputs don’t exhibit that behavior, then using the OSSC to simply digitize 15kHz/SD content (and line-double if your display doesn’t support those modes over HDMI) would sidestep the issue by using a different input.

Cheap SCART to HDMI converters, like the ones you find on Amazon, would also sidestep the image centering issue, but they will not understand 240p, so they may introduce interlacing artifacts and add a little bit of lag.