Reply To: Capture card compatibility report thread


I was wondering if anyone has tested any of the external capture cards with “PC Free” capabilities (direct record to SD card or USB thumb drive) and if they work with the OSSC’s HDMI output?

I’ve already tried and tested the original Avermedia Live Gamer Portable, and while it will pick up the OSSC when plugged into a PC/laptop (used in line 2X and 3X modes from 240p sources) it will not record to the SD card in it’s PC free mode…it gets no signal/error msg’s.

I work at an arcade, and we are looking to direct capture old arcade games without the need to have a PC/laptop left on the floor. It is both expensive to have a PC for every game we want to record, but it’s also at risk of bring stolen. If we can build an enclosure for an OSSC, external capture device and a screen so you can see the output, I think it would work great!

Any info would be appreciated.