Reply To: TV compatibility report thread


Yeah, I guess it won’t hurt to try. It may already be fixed. Those posts are over a year old. I definitely want to just be able to hook it up all to the OSSC. The main consoles I will be using are Dreamcast (VGA) via Toro Box, Genesis, NES (haven’t gotten it RGB modded yet, but once I do, I want to hook it up), SNES, PS1 and possibly Gamecube. I’ll break out the PS2 from time to time if I’m in the mood, but it won’t be a main console.

Should these 3.5mm RCA cables work with the OSSC to get audio from the Dreamcast Toro Box?

Also, this micro sd card I have for the firmware if it happens to be running old firmware?

I’m getting very close to ordering the OSSC. Just want to make sure I’m getting everything that’s needed first 🙂