Reply To: Is this amount of flickering normal?


My main retro source is ps2…

The vast majority of PS2 games are 480i, and OSSC is not really suitable for interlaced sources when you can’t do passthrough, as you’ve seen; however, you do have a few options:
1. Try to get a monitor that will do 480i (passthrough) and/or 1440i (line3x) over HDMI (what you’re doing now);
2. Try to force games to 480p using GSM, with or without Open PS2 Loader (avoid interlacing altogether);
3. Get a secondary video processor that will deinterlace (VP30, VP50, DSC 301 HD, etc.);
4. Get a Framemeister (Doesn’t excel at 480p, but does great with 480i).