Reply To: Capture Sizing and Aspect Ratio


What’s the correct re-sizing for the original Xbox? Is there a specific PAR we should be targeting?

From a shmups thread, we found that GameCube should be:

For Gamecube, active pixels with those settings is 660, which is the actual output resolution with square pixels. I’d advise you to crop to this point first to prevent the edges getting feathered on the resize.
The dot clock rate means it has a 10:11 PAR, so you need to do (660/11)*10, which is 600×480.
If you’d rather just resize the whole thing then crop (which I don’t recommend, but whatever), then the maths is (720/11)*10, which is 656×480.

Gamecube is a little bit weird though, but I won’t get into that too much. Read this thread if you’re curious – viewtopic.php?f=6&t=62790
For all intents and purposes though, the above calculation is correct for what it would have looked like on a CRT.