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All right! I’ll be referring to the questions in a different order now:

3. Understood now. Then a Freesync monitor needs a equipment designed to work with it. But I still have doubts if a Freesync monitor (even receiving signal from a device that wasn’t designed to work with the Freesync technology, like the OSSC), if compared to a regular monitor without this technology, will be equally or higher tolerant when dealing with fixed but unusual refresh rates.

And considering this information:

1. Can I conclude that the compatibility with unusual refresh rates isn’t improved by the Freesync, but by the “more forgiving with refresh rates” characteristic that many monitors have?

2. Right, now I understood that during the 240p<->480i transitions the OSSC will blackout for a short period of time. Let’s not consider possibilities of changing the HDMI port, only considering what is possible with the v1.6 and accepting the OSSC inherent “blackout time”. Assuming that the recovery time from this “blackout” varies on different TVs/monitors, would this resync time be better on models with Freesync, even in a device that isn’t designed to work with this technology, like the OSSC? Or this is not what determines the better resync times on these monitors?