Reply To: Denon x3400h OSSC 480i passthru problem


I have run the test suite firmware.
In test T3 while running into the receiver instead of the normal greyscale bars that can be seen in the other tests and when you turn on the OSSC I got the greyscale screen but everything was heavily pixalated with jagged edges and was moving from the top of the screen to the bottom in a waterfall like effect. This was with all the receiver video processing options turned off. While still running this test I tried every video processing option on the receiver and while all of them did different things to the picture it was still what I would call a broken picture that never resembled the normal greyscale screen.
T8 produced no picture.
All other tests performed normally except the T2 and T4 produced a large checkerboard pattern at the bottom of the screen and none at the top but maintained otherwise normal greyscale bars.

I then tried all the tests with the OSSC running directly into the TV. All the tests produced the exact same results except for T3 in which I got a perfectly normal greyscale screen. This makes sense as whenever I run the OSSC directly into the TV I have no problems whatsoever.

Still kind of boggled as to what the receiver could possibly be doing with the 480i signal from the OSSC. Any thoughts?