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@Nmalinoski, I rather use AV1 since im getting audio from there at least. but i ever knew i was SUPPOSED to flip the switch back to 15KHz after the sega logo. I will test again with this and report back to see if this changes anything. (the ossc been reporting 524p) so it wasn’t on 480 i)

EDIT: flipping that switch with AV1 made no difference, and AV3 just doesn’t give out any signal.

I’ve been checking that thread out too, but my VGA wasn’t sharp as his VGA example though. Also I thought passthrough wouldn’t lag either, but when i was playing sonic adventure, i’ve felt a slight bit of lag when making Sonic jump and move around. in 2x, I didn’t feel any lag.

ALSO, I’ve been testing with Soul Calibur, sonic adventure and chu chu rocket. Do those games have anything to do with my issue?

UPDATE: Okay I’m just gonna upload two screenshots, the first is using VGA(AV3) and the second is using AV1/RGB scart:

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do these look alright? can they be improved? is that how they’re supposed to look?