Reply To: N64 – Inconsistent V Backporch


Inconsistently with everything I’ve tried.

I’ve had it happen with the 240p test suite a couple of times, but not always. I’ve had it happen with Vigilante 8: 2nd Offense more reliably, but it’s still extremely weird.

As an example, try this;
Load up Ocarina of Time, and crop the top and bottom exactly. There should be one line off the top and two lines off the bottom.
Load up Vigilante 8: 2nd Offense
Go into a basic match, and pause
Change between High resolution and low resolution graphics

Low resolution will sometimes have 3 black lines at the bottom, and sometimes have 4. It will also be right up against the top, without any extra room which shouldn’t be possible with the N64 hardware.

For whatever reason, it’s randomly being moved up or down in absolute space, it’s definitely not just a game cropping differently.