Reply To: TV compatibility report thread


Ended up getting an LG OLED C8 55″. Here are my results so far, using the OSSC to play Dreamcast and Wii on it.

The console is hooked up to the OSSC via the Toro video box by Beharbros, using a Retro Access SCART to SCART cable. 480p passthrough seems to work fine, as does 480p 2X. Seem to be getting the correct aspect ratio with no issues from what I can tell so far.

The console is hooked up directly to the OSSC using the HD RETROVISION Wii YPbPr Component Cable. At first I was using my older component cables, which I’m not sure if they are official Nintendo cables, or if they are nonames. When using the older cables I did get this kind of subtle wave like pattern going across the screen, as well as some other minor artifacts. At first I was worried there may be some issue with my OSSC, but, after changing to new component cables I mentioned, the picture looked excellent. both 480i and 480p seem to work in passthrough as well as 2X with no problems.

Overall, both my Dreamcast and Wii look absolutely fantastic on the C8 through the OSSC, and I’ve yet to run into any kind of compability issues. The image to me looks like it might as well be a digital signal being outputted directly by the consoles. Would definitely recommend investing in really good cables though, since like I mentioned I did get some weirdness with the Wii when using my older component cables.