Reply To: OSSC for PCBs


I’m sorry, I don’t think I was clear. I’m using MVS as an example and trying to figure out how to get from the suggested good starting point (dividing game horizontal resolution by 0.75):

320 / 0.75 = 426.6

to the optimal value. As you said the optimal value for MVS is known to be 384 but if it weren’t then how best to discover that optimal value from the starting point of 426? If there’s a good method for that then I can use it to discover the optimal value for boards where it is not already known. Testing a large number of samplerate values one-by-one both higher and lower than the good starting point is rather laborious and prone to error.

I wonder if I can somehow reduce the number of values that need to be tested. As I’ve tried to discover the best samplerate on various boards by testing one-by-one I’ve noticed that the values that look pretty good are spaced a certain distance apart from each other. Maybe I can determine that distance based on the board’s attributes so I only need to test the values that will look pretty good and then choose the best one?