Reply To: OSSC for PCBs


My monitor seems to have much lower lag when I send it 1600×1200 (native res) even when it’s set to 1:1. Because of that I should stick with 5x and it sounds like I won’t be able to use an optim mode with some boards since my monitor can’t handle a samplerate over about 2110.

Why do even small samplerate changes greatly affect the image in optim mode but hardly at all in Generic mode? For example, in Garegga in optim mode I can’t use the correct samplerate of 432 since 432 * 5 = 2160 and my monitor stops working after about 2110, and if I lower the samplerate to something my monitor can handle it looks bad, but in Generic mode it looks great with default 2046 or 2110 or with other samplerates.

At this point I’m planning to use 5x for low lag and Generic 4:3 mode for monitor compatibility. Should I just set the samplerate as close to the real samplerate * 5 as possible without going over 2110?

Is there a great LCD monitor for this? I have the Dell 2007FP and I was loving it because it’s 4:3, looks fantastic (IPS panel), and is very low lag at native res, but I’m disappointed it can’t handle a samplerate over 2110.