Reply To: Multi-SCART Adapter


I’m also looking for a new SCART switch, while my Bandridge was OK for using on my CRT, I’d need a second switch with two outputs so I can switch between my OSSC and my CRT. But since the automatic Bandridge switch is proven to be degrading the signal a little, I want to completely replace it.

Apart from the gscartsw, is there any other switch that provides two outputs? I know the Extron Matrix switches support multiple outputs.
But I’m not sure if it is that much cheaper than the gscartsw since I’d have to get a around seven SCART to BNC cables and two BNC to SCART cables or assemble them myself.

Also is there any european reseller for the gscartsw?

Edit: Nvm, I saw that the Hydra2 also has two outputs so I ordered one.