Reply To: DVDO VP50 Pro OSSC profiles?


Have a look here for firmware –

Thanks man! Seems like Google didn’t want to index this thread properly, no wonder I couldn’t find it (or maybe it’s just me).

Profiles will be the same as you are basically just replacing your TVs scaler

Yeah what I meant was having a collection of profiles ready to import via so I wouldn’t have to configure everything manually or at least get a basic pre-configuration that I can tweak for myself. Like the profile settings linked on, but ready to import as json files.

I’m not sure if it supports serial port remote control, not something I’ve ever tried.

I found this which supports “RS232 Command execution” so it seems to be possible to execute commands via RS232. Only thing left to find out is what the software is sending over the serial connection, but hooking up an Arduino to read the sent commands should solve this mystery. That way I could hook up an ESP to the serial port of the VP50 and control it via MQTT.