Reply To: Samsung KS7000 no test card or picture


The switcher thing is the one connect box it comes with the Samsung tv

After having a look in the service menu I can see that I’ve got a aeid error.
Looks like my OSSC is probably okay but my one connect box has broke.

After trying to get a signal through my tv with the OSSC with no joy
I could see there was a recent firmware update for my tv (1240)
I updated and seem to have somehow bricked the connect box.
I think the OCB was on its way out as I used my PC (which is connected to tv via hdmi same box) and I had a picture.

All hdmi stopped working.
I only realised after I had posted here.
I’ve ordered a new one connect
Should be here Tuesday.
I’ll post an update

Would be interested to know, if anyone has a similar setup to mine with the 1240 fw update, and there OCB is still working.

Thanks for reply