Reply To: Firmware 0.84


Hello, I think there’s an issue with the newest firmware. I’ve only encountered this issue with PAL PS1 so far.
The issue : tiny green blinking artifacts (like, between pixels)
I haven’t experimented much with it and it didn’t show up with the 240p Test Suite. I’ve tweaked the optimal timings and fired up FF7 and saw this issue, tried FF8 and saw the same issue. Honestly, it looked like an HDMI cable issue but I’ve replaced it and the issue is still here. I’ve downgraded to v0.83 and the issue is now gone so I’m pretty confident it comes from the latest firmware update.

If you want to replicate it :
Legit OSSC bought from VGP
PS1 PAL + CSync cable from
x5 1920×1080 (as well as other resolutions) in 320×240 opt mode
my sample rate was 426.25 (doesn’t seem to matter anyway)
Remember, everything was fine in the 240p test suite, FF7 and 8 will be problematic for sure (I mean, they were for me, so I assume they would behave the same way for you)

Like I’ve said, I haven’t experimented much with this bug as I wanted to see if downgrading the firmware would fix the issue.

I hope this helps (I know I’ve just complained but great job Marqs, I’m a huge fan of your creation, I think that the OSSC is the coolest thing I’ve ever owned)