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When I said “cut the resolution”, I just meant that that’s what looked like was happening, since it became blocky-looking. It may very well be from the unnecessary deinterlacing. With that said, Mode 1 definitely looks the best, and I can’t figure out why the audio is so choppy on only that mode. Is there a reason that the audio signal would be processed differently in Mode 1 from how it is in Mode 2 and 3?

I’m also concerned that I’m going to have the same results with my Playstation 2 (Which I also bought HD Retrovision cables for). I was just hoping that I could double down on the RetroTINK 2X, using it for my bit more modern consoles as well. I may get a better solution in the future for those, but would rather be able to use Mode 1 with clean audio.

Also, I’m pretty satisfied with the output from my SNES and Genesis 1, both using HD Retrovision cables to convert to component. That’s my main use and I’ve got no complaints there.