Reply To: TV compatibility report thread


Hi everyone. This page hasn’t been updated for quite a long time, I was wondering if there has been any research about the OSSC’s compatibility (specifically RGB NES/SNES without the de-jitter mod), with more modern PC monitors.

I am currently trying to decide on a good 27 or 32 inch monitor that will work with SNES at Line 5x within 300 USD with very low input lag. My candidates are:

1) Dell D3218HN – 32″ – 278.99 USD – 8.5ms input lag @60hz (No speakers or headphone jack)
2) BenQ EL2870U – 27″ – 292.99 USD – 8.8ms input lag @60hz
3) BenQ EW3270U – 32″ – 399.99 USD – 9.4ms input lag @60hz (over budget, but is 4k with HDR)
4) ASUS VG279Q – 27″ – 253.17 USD – 9.4ms input lag @60hz

I have heard that the Dell S2719DGF 27″ monitor does not work well with the OSSC, so it makes me wonder if the Dell I mentioned above will work. To be honest, I really want to go with BenQ, as I hear many claim they make “lagless” monitors (which probably just means that they display frames in sync with a CRT at 60fps). Unfortunately, all of the BenQ listed here are only 24″, which would be too far from my ideal 32″ monitor.

If anyone here has any suggestions, I am happy to hear any ideas! Really banging my head up against a wall here, as most of the monitors on the official list are under 27″ or incredibly expensive… Thanks for any help!